What To Wear To A Bachelor Party

A modern bachelor party may fall anywhere on the scale of very formal to quite casual. It is important to know what the evening may entail when determining how to dress. A plaid shirt and dark jeans are appropriate for a backyard barbecue bachelor party, they would not be appropriate for one that takes place in a casino or trendy nightclub.

For a bachelor party with friends, appropriateness comes first and comfort is a close second. This being said, it is important to avoid kitschy novelty tee shirts with phrases such as “dead man walking” and “what happens at a bachelor party, stays at a bachelor party.” You can find plenty of these if your search online but you should avoid them. No one really needs to advertise on his chest that it’s a bachelor party in order for all of you to have a great time.

If you are the groom at the bachelor party, you can set the standard for as formal or informal as you would like it to be. It is appropriate for you to discuss this with your best man (or whoever is planning the party for you) ahead of time, and to include an indication of this on your invitation. For example, if your bachelor party entails a night of poker and beer at a buddy’s house, a simple phrase such as “come as you are” can let your guests know that casual attire is appropriate. However, if you spending a night in Vegas and renting a limo, you may want to tell your guests to “dress to impress” or indicate “semi formal attire is requested.”

The majority of bachelor parties fall on the scale somewhere between casual and semi-formal. This means that it is appropriate for you to wear a slightly more stylish version of your daily wear, or what I often refer to as dressy casual. Try gray wool dress trousers, a white and gray pin stripe shirt, and a black skinny tie, which is currently one of the most modern and trendy tie styles. Other appropriate takes on “dressy casual” would be dark jeans with a button down shirt and a vest, or a colorful polo shirt with a sport jacket layered over top. If you are going to be bar hopping or clubbing, consider that you may wish to dress in layers to accommodate fluctuating temperatures. A button down shirt can easily be rolled up to your sleeves if needed. Or a sport jacket can be removed and hung on a chair back.

Because bachelor parties are normally evening events, faring on the side of dressy over casual is a good idea. You’ll notice that women often pull out their dresses and heels for evening events, and you should really try to match their level of sophistication. Give yourself a clean shave, and splash on some cologne. When you think you are finished getting dressed, go back and put on just one more accessory, such as a sterling silver watch, a pair of Wayfarer sunglasses, a leather cuff bracelet, or an orange silk pocket square. It is these little touches that take you from looking normal to looking party- ready.

Do the Splits in 15 Minutes

Learning How To Do The Splits In One Day

NEW – 15 minute exercise called a “CR Training Session” is taking flexibility training by storm.

Alright, before I even begin, let me first say that achieving the splits in 15 minutes is a bit ambitious. Well let’s face it, it could be down-right impossible for most people. But, for a few that are somewhat close, but can’t seem to break through that last little flexibility barrier, I may have the answer for you right in this article.

Most traditional stretching calls for thoroughly warming up, relaxing as much as possible, and holding a nice long stretch. Well, two out of three isn’t bad. Yes, you should thoroughly warm up; and yes, you should hold a stretch; however, the relaxing bit – just forget about that.

Relaxing is very passive and doesn’t really accomplish much.

Imagine a rubber-band. If you took the rubber-band, moderately stretched it, and then released it, it’s only going go right back to its original state. NOW, if you took that same rubber-band, and while you were holding it in a stretched position, heated it up enough, it would FOREVER change. Now when you release the rubber-band, it CANNOT back to its original state. The heat has elongated it.


Remember the rubber-band? This is exactly what we need to do with your muscles. There is something called a “CR Training Session,” that actually changes the muscles while you stretch. The CR Training Sessions can be found in a publication called, “Two Week Splits.” The basic concept is quite similar to how body builders build muscles LARGER and stronger.

Body builders don’t just hang onto weights and relax. What results would that produce? So why do we assume that just relaxing our muscles while stretching is such an effective way to increase flexibility? It doesn’t. We must put a demand on the muscles to get them to transform. And when we do this, the proper way, the results are astonishing.

It’s quite difficult to explain how to use the CR Training Session without illustrations, but basically, you want to maintain all of your body weight on you legs while you stretch. The weight will provide part of the resistance, just as dumb-bells do for body builders. The other thing you need to do, is tense your muscles as hard as you can. This will fatigue them. When your muscles are completely fatigued, you will be able to go farther into the splits then you ever have before.

In fact many who use this method, will achieve the splits the very first time they use the CR Training Session. That’s because these sessions are scientific, 15 minute, exercises, that AS you do them, you’ll IMMEDIATELY notice yourself getting farther and farther into the splits – WITHOUT any pain. CR Training Sessions are the fastest and most effective split training methods EVER tested.

This method truly works. Give it a try and listen to your body. Good luck.

Mondaine Watch Review: Which Suits You Best?

The Mondaine watches have gained gigantic popularity ever since they came into being. The fans of the Mondaine wrist watches are all over the world. The Mondaine brand has become associated with fashion and timelessness in one graceful design which makes. This is basically one of the earliest Swiss based watch companies and also one of the most widely renowned ones. All over the world, they have managed to build a strong customer base that is ever looking for their unique and modern designs. This watch company holds the pride and honor of having their wrist watches displayed in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Their watch models have broken previous sales records and have seen a boom in the demand of their watches.

We all love to wear wrist watches right? Hence, here is a Mondaine watch review. These serve as the most elegant, trendy and fashionable accessories which are also highly functional. Mondaine watches come in a widespread variety of styles, designs, colors and sizes. Every different design will highlight your different look. You name it and they have it whether you are looking for a wrist watch that you need to wear everyday to your work, or you desire a watch which will act as the modern and chic accessory to be worn at a party. You will find some stunning pieces that are sure to complete your look for any occasion. Their modern designs represent the modern men and women of today. This brand has become a label of modernity combined with elegance. If is complements you are after, you are bound to get them with Mondaine. The elegance and simplicity will grace a delicate feminine; and a large muscular male wrist can only be enhanced by the rugged elegance of the larger Sport design watches. It is all down to your taste and your ability to experiment with your accessory.

Having talked of the unique and distinctive designs that they offer, let us now get to the Mondaine watch review in terms of usability and features other than designs. The Mondaine wrist watches not only offer their wearers the chic look but these are also embedded with a lot of other realistic features that any other wrist watch would offer. You can find a rugged and accurate chronometer style wrist watch which is water proof to almost a diving depth, made in nickel free stainless steel. If you want one with a leather strap or band then also you have a lot of options to choose from. Many of their wrist watches display the date and day, and the beautiful movement of the analogue watch displays Swiss watchmaking skills at their best!

Emergence Of Sport Tech In Technical Textile Industry

Today sports in India have achieved a peak in terms of popularity and as a career option. Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, SAF Games, Wimbledon and many other world sports tournaments see Indians as one of the most leading sports participants in the world. From Tendulkar, Paes, Bhupathi, Anand, Geet Sethi, Karthikeyan to Sania Mirza lead the present sports generation of India. Cricket, Hockey, Football, Snooker, weightlifting, Kabaddi, Kho Kho and Archery are the sports of India that have been deep seated into an Indian psyche, whether of a sports person or a sports lover. Not only physical strength, power and satisfaction but also a strong alternative of recreation; sports in India have covered a long way towards the road of success and have made themselves a hallmark in the world of sports.

Sports footwear includes appropriate shoes for different sports. Keeping in view the movement of feet and the type of surface on which a sport is played, the shoes uppers and soles are designed to meet the varying performance requirements.

Textile components form an integral part of sports and sporty look footwear. In terms of value, approximately 20 percent of the components used in sports shoes are textiles, while the remaining cost is contributed by non-textile components such as soles, polyurethane, foam leather on uppers, counters, eyelets etc. Shoe uppers and lining on the counter, socks below the shoe uppers are made of textiles and constitute nearly 95 percent of the total textiles used in sport shoes. Other textile components, though consumed in minor quantities, are nonwoven textiles, laces, tapes, threads, lables, elastic etc. The shoe uppers and linings used in the inner part counters and socks are made of laminated fabrics. Nonwoven fabrics are used as interlinings. The laminated fabrics for shoe uppers may comprise fabric laminated with foam, polyurethane, rubber etc. In the premium range of shoes, sandwiched meshes may be used instead of fabric-foam laminated uppers.

Three different kinds of fabrics, knitted, woven and non-woven are used for sports shoes. The fibres used for such fabrics are polyester, polyester-viscose, cotton and nylon. Sandwiched mesh also known as high-tech three dimensional fabrics Consisting of micro filaments sandwiched between two layers of meshes is also used as alternative to foam laminated fabrics. Fibres used in these fabrics wick moisture away from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric, thereby facilitating faster evaporation. However, such high performance fabrics are used only in some variants of premium range of sports shoes produced by branded companies. Polyester, polypropylene, nylon and cotton are used for Sportech. However, the predominant use is that of polyester since it is cheap. Nylon is used for the premium range of shoes. Cotton is used predominantly in canvas shoes and childrens shoes.

The Indian sports footwear industry is labour intensive and is concentrated in small and cottage industry sector. Nearly 95 percent of sports footwear is produced in the small / cottage units concentrated in and around Delhi and mere 5 percent in the organized sector.

Sports shoes are available in a wide variety at prices lower than leather footwear. These shoes are comfortable and can be worn for different purposes such as jogging, casual wear, leisure wear etc. The increasing use of sportswear as leisure wear has also been positively impacting the demand of sports shoes. As a result, the sports footwear industry has witnessed a healthy growth of around 10-15 percent per annum during the last decade and has grown to a 595 mn. Pairs of sports shoe market, valued at about Rs.5950 crore. The annual consumption of laminated fabrics by sports footwear industry is about 120 mn. Sq. mtrs and 80 percent of the same is sourced indigenously.

Reasons To Shop At Nike Outlet Store Online

The coming of technology allows people to buy anything they wish in a very easy way. You can get a lot of gains by buying online. There is tons of functional information that can be very helpful to you especially when it is about purchasing from various Nike outlet store online. Here are unique reasons why a lot of individuals are seeking for Nike outlet store online these days:

This is because a lot of online shops today are established to the rules of the law that is why they are implementing purely the return and exchange of goods and products with defects so your money will be very secure. There are also vouchers and freebies that will be offered to you by most stores today so you don’t have to worry about savings.

1. 24 hours shopping ability – when you shop online, you are taking advantage of your time because online outlet stores are open 24/7 so you can shop without restricting yourself about the time. The latest technology that is available in the market today allows you to have a good reason to shop.

2. Time saving – a lot of people don’t know that they are saving a lot of time by doing their shopping online. You can also do multi-tasking at home or at the office while you are doing your shoe shopping.

Nike outlet store online has been producing high end shoes ever since and it has been supplying to its accredited factory outlets since then to supply low-priced shoes to individuals. It is so simple to purchase Nike shoes now because there are much of online shops these days that are offering soothing and convenient shopping to a lot of people.

Everything About The Surfing Lifestyle

Do you like to surf? Most people will answer in the affirmative to this question. Surfing is not just a sport, it is a lifestyle choice, and it is just like being a biker only way better than that. Surfing imbibes the surfer with a philosophy towards life that only fellow surfers can comprehend. When you are out in the middle of the ocean riding 30-foot waves and skimming past them escaping the forces of nature, it is something special. The sea in its depth and beauty has so many secrets and surfers are in love with the ocean and its power they channel the force if the nature through the surfboards and ride the waves. Riding the waves is an addictive sport and you will not be able to quit it once you get the hang of it.
What is so unique about surfing?

People are often left wondering, what makes surfing so special? Alternatively, what is unique about this sport? The answer lies in the simplicity of the entire thing. Surfing does not require you to buy the most expensive gadgets available in the market; all you need is a good wave and a surfboard. Surfing develops a person’s sense of balance and helps them understand more about ocean currents. The sport is all about learning more about yourself and being one with the nature. You do not surf to compete with someone or show off to your friends but to feel the force of nature and channelize it through your surfboard. Riding waves is among the most challenging things you can do and surfers are in constant search for the biggest wave.

Surfing developed in Hawaii and it is more than a sport, it is a part of the culture of the Hawaiians. Surfing is fun and its cool sure but when you grow old, you will find it is much more than that. Surfing in the ocean helps you understand how big the whole world is and helps us open your minds to the vast unknown. It is one of the few sports that utilize the power of the nature. Surfing is not about going against the nature, it is about going with the flow of nature and becoming one with it. A good surfer does not consider the waves as an enemy but a friend.
What is the feeling like?

Surfing helps increase the mind body coordination and it also improves the sense of balance among the surfers. The pure beauty of slicing through the waves makes surfing so much more enjoyable than any other sport in this world. If you are out with your friends or alone at the beach, you can always hit the waves and feel the power of the ocean sweep through your body.
Surfing is a lifestyle that helps people understand the true calling of the nature and be one with it. The sport has still held on to its ancient philosophy and that is why it is so popular among millions of people across the world.

Collecting Sports Autographs and Preserving Them

Finally getting that sought-after autograph of one’s most-loved player or team is definitely a fulfilling and rewarding experience. It’s so remarkable to think how one simple inscription can put smiles to a fan’s heart for how many years, given that it was well taken care of.

Indeed, collecting sports autographs is not the end task of every fan, as preserving one’s sports autographed item is a must-do thing too because this will ensure that the signature will not fade out for how many years and thus, it increases the value of the item. Here are some simple tips on how one can preserve an autograph in both clothing and on a bat.


Collecting sports autographs of one’s favorite sports idol in a clothing article such as t-shirts or jerseys is so satisfying. However, some preventive measures must be taken for the signature to last on the cloth itself. Here are some things that one can do to preserve an autograph in cloth.

– Wash the clothing in cold water and place it on gentle cycle. For more care, hand washing it is advisable. Don’t wash it too hard and never place it in a dryer together with other clothes. Wash and dry the article separately.
– Iron the signature or blow-dry it. The heat will make the ink set to the fabric thereby preventing it to fade easily.
– Embroidering or sewing the signature will ensure that the inscription stays on the article.
– Place the article in the dryer with the highest heat setting for about thirty minutes, as this would help the ink to attach to the fabric.
– Place clear fabric paint onto the autograph. However, test it first on a different clothing to ensure that it’ll not ruin the signature.
– Framing the article or placing it in a display box is preferred to really keep it in its best-preserved condition.


Baseball bats are also favorite items in collecting sports autographs. Having a well-preserved autographed bat is a invaluable item that’s why preserving it needs quite some ample amount of skill and knowledge. Here is a list of some steps to follow on preserving autographed bats.

– Avoid touching the bat needlessly as doing so may cause it to fade much quickly.
– Using an aerosol hairspray, spray some of it on the autograph. This would protect the autograph from being scratched or damaged. However, test the hairspray first on a different bat but with similar ink as that of the autographed one. This will ensure that the sealant would not damage the autograph.
– Prevent moisture from seeping into the bat.
– Keep the bat away from direct sunlight. This might cause the autograph to fade. Keep it away too from fluorescent lighting as Ultraviolet rays most likely are the ones which can greatly affect the material.
– Place the bat in a display case. Though it might be untouchable in a display case, this is much more preferred than having it touched. Anyway, these precious kinds of sports memorabilia are for one’s eyes only, right?

Indeed, collecting sports autographs is a not-so-easy task. And preserving them too is not a walk in the park. But the pleasure that one would have in having these items well-preserved is priceless, as sports autographs are meant to be admired for a lifetime.

Lego Harry Potter Crashes

The sport Lego Harry Potter dependent around the movie Harry Potter was reported to get crashing by some end users. The consumers claimed that even though taking part in the sport, the display screen accidentally starts off freezing along with an error information. They’ve no selection apart from terminating the sport using Process Supervisor.

If you will be caught within a equivalent position as well as your Lego Harry Potter crashes regularly then you definately shall check out the following:

1. Assure Activity Needs and be sure you’ve installed the Graphics Credit card which the game calls for

2. Cost-Free-Up the Disk House and Cleanse Registry

3. Change Display Screen Resolution

4. Change Sound Frequency

5. Modify Configurations inside a Plan File

6. Restore the Default Settings

7. Reinstall The game

Assure Activity Necessities and ensure you may have installed the Graphics Card which the sport needs

Refer to the ReadMe documentation for information about the minimum system requirements. Ensure you’ve the best graphics card which the game calls for.

Totally free-Up the Disk Space and Clear Registry

In some instances, the free of charge room about the disk is very low and hence Lego Harry Potter crashes. Ahead of operating the sport, care have to be taken that you are not jogging in Lower Disk Room situation.

For cleansing the unnecessarily employed disk house, non-required files and stuff, you can use a technique cleanup utility which will even clean up the corrupted registry keys created from the video game. This is a extremely valuable and rapid way to fix match crashes.

Alter Screen Resolution

In some situations, it absolutely was observed that altering the filter resolution to 800*600 solved Lego Harry Potter crashes in quite a few PCs.

Alter Sound Frequency

Make sure which the Sound Frequency is collection to 16 little bit, 44100 Hz of CD Good quality. It should not exceed 48 kHz.

Right here will be the actions to alter the sound frequency:

1. Simply Click Start | Regulate Panel.

2. Just click Hardware and Sound | Sound.

3. Choose your speaker from the brand new dialog, and simply click Attributes button.

4. Click Highly developed tab.

5. Select this Sound Frequency: 16 bit, 44100 Hz of CD Top quality

6. You may take a look at it by clicking the Check button at appropriate hand aspect.

7. Click Apply | OK | Implement | Ok.

Modify Configurations within a Application Document

There’s one particular record named PcConfig.txt containing guidelines for your recreation. We are planning to modify the values of 3 commands to repair Lego Harry Potter Crashes:

1. Press Windows Essential and R to open the Run dialog. Or otherwise, just click Start | Run.

2. Type AppData and press ENTER.

3. Double click: Roaming | WB Games | Lego Harry Potter.

4. Open the document named PcConfig.txt

5. Modify the values from the instructions for the following:

a. Use Hires: 0

b. UseHiresPending: 0

c. DesiredDynamicLightQuality: 0

6. Conserve the changes you have built.

Note: If you can’t discover the record named PcConfig.txt, then do a Investigation by pressing F3 critical of your respective keyboard.

Restore the Default Settings

In case you had modified the sport settings, then restore them for the defaults. This can aid prevent Lego Harry Potter Crashing triggered by improper settings or by non-compatible functions.

Reinstall The game

Just in case the registry/method cleaning as well as the recommendations described over tend not to get the job done then check out reinstalling the game:

1. Simply Click Begin | Management Panel.

2. For Windows XP, double click on Add or Clear away Plans. For Windows Vista/ 7, just click Software programs | Uninstall a Application.

3. Decide on the game Lego Harry Potter in the listing of installed programs.

4. Simply click Uninstall or Take away button.

5. Stick to the on display screen guidelines.

6. Reboot the process immediately after completion.

7. Run the setup software to install the sport yet again.


1. To clean up the disk house for deleting unnecessary information and stuff, use process/registry cleanup software. There exists one particular software referred to as RegInOut, which has these functions. Obtain this Intel Software program Companion Fix here:


Children’s Feet
You worry about your childrens teeth, eyes, and other parts of the body. You teach washing, brushing and grooming, but what do you do about your child’s feet those still-developing feet which have to carry the entire weight of the body through a lifetime? Many adult foot ailments, like other bodily ills, have their origins in childhood and are present at birth. Periodic professional attention and regular foot care can minimize these problems in later life.

Neglecting foot health invites problems in other parts of the body, such as the legs and back. There can also be undesirable personality effects. The youngster with troublesome feet walks awkwardly and usually has poor general posture. As a result, the growing child may become shy, introverted, and avoid athletics and social functions. Consultation between the podiatrist, pediatrician, and other medical specialists helps to resolve these related problems.

Your Baby’s Feet
The human foot one of the most complicated parts of the body has 28 bones, and is laced with ligaments, muscles, blood vessels, and nerves. Because the feet of young children are soft and pliable, abnormal pressure can easily cause deformities.

A child’s feet grow rapidly during the first year, reaching almost half their adult foot size. This is why foot specialists consider the first year to be the most important in the development of the feet.
Here are some suggestions to help you assure that this development proceeds normally:

Look carefully at your baby’s feet. If you notice something that does not look normal to you, seek professional care immediately. Deformities will not be outgrown by themselves.

Cover baby’s feet loosely. Thight covers restrict movement and can retard normal development

Provide an opportunity for exercising the feet. Lying uncovered enables the baby to kick and perform other related motions which prepare the feet for weightbearing.

Change the baby’s position several times a day. Lying too long in one spot especially on the stomach, can put excessive strain on the feet and legs.
Starting to Walk

It is unwise to force a child to walk. When physically and emotionally ready, the child will walk. Comparisons with other children are misleading, since the age for independent walking ranges for 10 to 18 months.

When the child first begins to walk, shoes are not necessary indoors. Allowing the youngster to go barefoot or to wear just socks helps the foot to grow normally and to develop its musculature and strength, as well as the grasping action of toes. Of course, when waling outside or on rough surfaces, babies’ feet should be protected in lightweight, flexible footwear made of natural materials.
Growing Up

As a child’s feet continue to develop, it may be necessary to change shoe and sock size every few months to allow room for the feet to grow. Although foot problems result mainly from injury, deformity, illness, or hereditary factors, improper footwear can aggravate preexisting conditions. Shoes or other footwear should never be handed down.

The feet of young children are often unstable because of muscle problems which make walking difficult and uncomfortable. A thorough examination by a podiatrist may detect an underlying defect or condition which may require immediate treatment or consultation with another specialist.

The American Podiatric Medical Association has long known of the high incidence of foot defects among the young, and recommends foot health examinations for school children on a regular basis.
Sports Activities

Millions of American children participate in team and individual sports, many of them outside the school system, where advice on conditioning and equipment is not always available. Parents should be concerned about children’s involvement in sports that require a substantial amount of running and turning, or involve contact. Protective taping of the ankles is often necessary to prevent sprains or fractures. Parents should consider discussing these matters with their family podiatrist if they have children participating in active sports. Sports-related foot and ankle injuries are on the rise as more children actively participate in sports.

Advice for Parents

Problems notices at birth will not disappear by themselves. You should not wait until the child begins walking to take care of a problem you’ve noticed earlier

Remember that lack of complaint by a youngster is not a reliable sign. The bones of growing feet are so flexible that they can be twisted and distorted without the child being aware of it.

Walking is the best of all foot exercises, according to podiatrists. They also recommend that walking patterns be carefully observed. Does the child toe in or out, have knock knees, or other gait abnormalities? These problems can be corrected if they are detected early.

Going barefoot is a healthy activity for children under the right conditions. However, walking barefoot on dirty pavements exposes children’s feet to the dangers of infection through accidental cuts and to severe contusions, sprains, or fractures. Another potential problem is plantar warts, a condition caused by a virus which invades the sole of the foot through cuts and breaks in the skin. They require protracted treatment and can keep children from school and other activities.

Be careful about applying home remedies to children’s feet. Preparations strong enough to kill certain types of fungus can harm the skin.

Whenever you have questions about your child’s foot health, contact Dr. Craig Thomajan of Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists.

How to Choose the Right Baseball Catcher’s Mitt

A baseball catcher’s mitt is designed specifically for use when playing the position of catcher. It is unique to other gloves in that it provides assistance in catching pitches and foul balls hit behind home plate. These gloves are not recommended for use when playing any other position due to their differences. In order to select the best catcher’s mitt for you, there are a few factors you should look for when shopping for a mitt.

The first thing to consider is the features you would like the glove to have. Different brands of catcher’s mitts offer various amounts of padding. This supplies your hand and fingers with protection when catching pitches that are coming to you at speeds of 70-80 miles per hour. There are also a variety of pocket sizes that are used to catch the ball. The amount of padding and pocket size is typically based on a player’s preference, but selecting the right size of each is important to ensure you can use the mitt well.

Creating a budget for your baseball catcher’s mitt is also important. Depending on the brand and style, catchers’ mitts can range in price from to over 0. One thing to remember is that the more you spend on your purchase, the more quality you will typically receive. High quality mitts tend to last longer than less expensive ones, and may work better in helping you catch the ball. Youth baseball players tend to outgrow mitts faster than adult players, so you may not want to invest as much until they their growth slows.

If you are going to be a catcher, you should not consider any other glove than catchers’ mitts. Other gloves are designed to catch fly or ground balls, whereas a mitt can handle the fast speed of pitches. This will help keep your hand safe. Catching an 80 miles per hour pitch with any glove other than a baseball catcher’s mitt will cause you to run the risk of damaging your fingers, hand, or wrist. A catcher’s mitt has no individual finger holes, a distinction that can keep you from selecting another kind of glove when shopping.

Choosing the right catcher’s mitt involves taking into account a few factors. You want to select a baseball catcher’s mitt that will allow ample protection to your hand and help you to catch pitches coming to you. Price should also be considered, as a mitt can be a short or long term investment depending on the player. It is also important to note that you should only consider a mitt if you are going to be in the catching position. This will keep your hand from being damaged due to the speed of a pitcher’s throw.